Changemaker Monologues

Around the globe, amazing changemakers are influencing our world and helping it become a better place for all. But how did they become these heroes of society? Their journey is what makes them who they are, and their experiences and challenges along the journey makes for riveting stories. The Changemaker Monologue events share the stories of these changemakers through short monologues, performed by locals. This captivating presentation will bring together a passionate and driven community, inspire creativity and motivate everyone involved to make a difference in the world, no matter how small.

Listen. Be Inspired. Take Action.

How it works

We invite community organizations and student clubs to host a Changemaker Monologue Event. Once confirmed as a host, the host organizer will receive the Changemaker Monologue script book and will gather at least 5 people who will perform/ read the monologues. The host determines where the event will be held, ticket prices, marketing and other logistics. Seventy five percent of ticket sales are required to go to a local emerging changemaker of the host organizations choice.

Meet some changemakers


Brenton is currently the Director of Veteran Services at Volunteers of America in Colorado. He is passionate about seeing an end to veteran homelessness, and ensuring that all people are treated with the same base-level respect. Brenton joined the United States Marine Corps straight out of high school and was deployed to a high insurgency zone in Iraq. While there, he realized the incredible beauty, fragility and value of a human life. This motivated him to start an international development non-profit called ECTA that aims to empower local leaders by providing free administrative and logistical assistance. He considers life “a beautiful struggle” and firmly believes that “the most courageous thing you can do is be honest and true to who you are.”


Markey Culver is the founder of the Women’s Bakery, a social enterprise that aims to empower women economically and socially by training them to build, manage and own bakeries, which sell locally sourced, nutrient-rich breads. She conceptualized and launched this organization when she was living in Rwanda as a Peace Corps volunteer, serving as an English teacher and health care worker. Today there are two self-sustaining bakeries in Rwanda and Tanzania, as well as two more in development. Markey originally thought she wanted to become a Human Rights Lawyer, but is now pursuing an MBA so she can further combine business with her passion for social change. She is a self-proclaimed “starry-eyed idealist” and firmly believes that “failure breeds innovation.”


Saul founded the companies ThinkImpact and Unleesh, both of which facilitate leadership and team-building skills. ThinkImpact offers full immersion in social innovation in Africa and Latin America for college and graduate students. Students abroad build teams, work through human-centered design, and then develop products and services that improve people’s quality of life. His spinoff company, Unleesh, is an online structured team management platform. Over the years, his mindset on international aid has evolved towards a focus on market-based solutions and social entrepreneurship, which led him to transition ThinkImpact from a non-profit to for-profit structure. This was both a challenging and rewarding decision for him, something he strives for in all of his career pursuits. He considers himself a “serial entrepreneur,” and aims to “cultivate courage on a daily basis.”

Hosting an event

The individual or group who signs up to host a Changemaker Monologue event will be in charge of the following details:

  • Securing a venue
  • Finding individuals to perform each of the monologues
  • Ensuring performers are well prepared for the event and have their monologues memorized
  • Finding co-sponsors and other event hosts if necessary
  • Choosing a Community Changemaker whose project will receive the donation from ticket sales. This individual’s name and project info should be given to FGS in advance of the event.
  • Marketing for the events
  • Recording all ticket sales and sending them to FGS for donation to the Community Changemaker
  • Serving as the main contact for FGS and the CM team

Qualities of a Good Host

  • Passionate about creating global change
  • Strong community organizer
  • Eager to share and celebrate the stories of others

Giving to a community changemaker

  • Choose a changemaker from your community whose project impact could be increased with a monetary contribution. This changemaker doesn’t have to be working locally, but should be from your community.
  • Money generated for the Community Changemaker will be sent to FGS, and awarded as a grant.
  • Money is to be used directly toward furthering the changemaker’s project efforts. Changemaker should be in touch with FGS along the way to provide updates on the progress of their work.
  • We require all information about ticket sales to ensure donations are at least 75 cents per dollar.
  • Include your beneficiary in your activity, outreach and publicity.


  • Event Hosting Fee: Please inquire
  • Script Book: $9
  • You must charge an admission fee for the event (minimum $2)
  • The donation goal is 75 cents of every dollar
  • Keep production costs low and organizers/presenters should not be paid

Download printable host guide!

If you have questions about hosting a changemaker monologues event, please contact us at or if you are ready to host an event please submit the form below!

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