FG Scholars

FG Scholars is an independent organisation devoted to giving students a solid foundation with university listings, insurance providers and travel agents. Our guides are aimed at both local and international tutees, as well as those who are undecided about their options for post-school study.

University directory

FG Scholars aims to provide the contact details of UK, US and other international universities in an unbiased directory. This tool will allow you to contact all your choices directly without having to trawl through unnecessary switchboard services. Moreover we’ll add detailed directions to help you find the institution when travelling there for open days for instance.


Insurance Policy

Getting insurance to protect your valuable items and health is often overlooked during your studies, however with many living away from home for the first time it can be a particularly risky period.

Hence we list a range of popular insurance brokers, particularly those who offer dedicated policies for students, so that you can get yourself protected.


Not only do we endeavour to assist students before and during their studies we aim to provide everyone with a solid knowledge base of what to expect after your education.

This includes options for post-graduate study and qualities which can help you advance within the modern working world, such as Global Acumen.

Accommodation portal

The Bournemouth UK Student Accommodation Exchange is a new portal that enables:

  • Students in the UK, in Bournemouth and around the country, to post ads saying that they want accommodation in a particular area, with particular specifications, within a particular price range.
  • Landlords to advertise accommodation options for students thought the UK.
  • Property dealers to buy & sell Bournemouth Property that may be suitable for student accommodation.