Gold – how & where to buy, sell, store & use it

Welcome to Gold. In this portal we aim to be your one-stop-shop for guidance on how and where to buy gold, sell gold, store gold items and make use of gold in anything from tools to jewellery or as a barter item. We’ll introduce you to buying gold bullion in all its forms – from flakes to coins to bars and ingots, as well as jewellery of varying carats and alloys.

Think of it as a lifeline. You’ll soon see why.

With our upcoming live data feeds you will also be able to check the latest gold prices from all leading gold retailers around the world.

For the more serious investors we also provide guides and references to external resources to help you learn more about investing in precious metals including gold, silver and platinum, either by direct purchase or via stocks and shares in relevant companies.

We also break down the value of protecting your wealth by investing in gold vs alternative currencies such as bitcoin which has seen exponential growth in the last decade due to its innovatively decentralised system while being a fiat currency that lacks intrinsic material value nevertheless.

Buying gold

Gold Sovereign

As well as providing updates on the current price of gold we profile a wide range of retailers who sell the precious metal in various forms, from commemorative coins to solid bars. Likewise if you plan on making an investment in a gold-based futures market we list a variety of ways you can do so. We also provide guidance on assessing the quality of the gold you wish to purchase and how you can confirm that you are purchasing real gold rather than a cheap imitation.

Selling gold

Gold NecklaceUnwanted items of jewellery, scrap gold and even dental implants can be a way of raising cash in times of need, hence we aim to profile a range of fully-accredited pawnbrokers throughout the United Kingdom who will give you a fair price for your precious metals. You can even choose between the convenience of sending your gold off in the post to an online buyer or visiting your local pawnbroker’s store.