Admiral Insurance: 0333 234 9913

To discuss your home, pet, car or travel insurance needs with Admiral, you can call their customer services phone number 0333 234 9913 from within the UK. If you need to call Admiral Insurance from overseas you can dial +44 333 234 9913.

When you call Admiral Insurance on their UK helpline you’ll be able to ask for a quote, discuss your specific insurance needs or get answers to your insurance questions.

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E&L Insurance: 03300 243 254

Call E&L Insurance on their customer services contact number 03300 243 254 for all UK based enquiries, or dial the international dialling code +44 03300 243 254 if you would like to contact a representative from overseas.

However, it should be noted that whether you call E&L Insurance on their UK or +44 number, you can posit the same enquiries about their student insurance policies, to request a quote on the cost of contents cover or to discuss the potential amount of your voluntary excess.

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Aviva Insurance: 0345 030 7041

You should call Aviva on their general enquiries phone number 0345 030 7041 from within the UK but you should instead dial the international dialling code +44 345 030 7041 if you would like to contact the insurance broker from overseas.

However, whether you call Aviva Insurance on their UK or international helpline, you will be able to ask for a quote or discuss the claims process over the phone.

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