St. John’s student seeking funding and support for 2016 summer study abroad in Paris

By Judith Fortunova Russell

The Paris 2016 summer study-abroad program is a perfect opportunity to get just a taste of the French culture. The beautiful city has some of the most distinctive – and most studied – social mores in the world. From les bises (the kisses you give someone upon meeting up), to café etiquette, the City of Light offers a social and cultural background unlike any other. As a French language & culture minor, this excursion will improve my study of French language, history, and culture through exploration of Paris’s 20 neighborhoods, known as arrondisements, where I’ll experience the diverse milieus of the city, from intimate crêperie to landmarks of “tourist” Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower. Courses for this program include French I, French II, French III, Intermediate French Conversation, Advanced French Conversation, and an international internship. I will be applying for the Advanced French Conversation course and the International Internship. While the program itself lasts from May 27th to June 25th, the fee of it costs approximately $2625 (not including airfare and tuition). However the fee does include dorming at the St. John’s Paris campus, two meals a day in the cafeteria, a monthly metro card, and the daily excursions to the Paris landmarks.

Going on this trip would mean one step closer to conquering my dream of one day being able to live in France. Nonetheless in order to get there I need as much help as I can get, but in retrospect I appreciate your interest and any support you can offer.

Much Obliged,
Judith Russell