Research on Mikania michrantha

By Akriti Khadka

As there are many research held on the the negative side of Mikania and comparatively less number of research on the positive side of Mikania, I have decided to add a number of research on the positive side. Mikania micrantha, being an extremely serious weed with an exceptional fast growth rate, has been provoking an alarming catastrophe. Besides its known negative impact of Mikania, it also has some positive sides.It has a wide range of application and has been brought to practicality in some remote as well as developed nations. Mikania has been used as medicinal herb in different countries.Also extract from Mikania slow the germination and growth of variety of plant species and keeping this under consideration the unwanted multiplication of various species can be controlled. Likewise, keeping in mind the rate of reproduction of Mikania in Nepal too can make a good use of this invasive species.