University of Liverpool: 0151 794 2000

Call the University of Liverpool on their general enquiries phone number 0151 794 2000 to contact advisors, alternatively dial their international helpline +44 151 794 2000 if you are calling from abroad.

These lines are suitable for academic matters including admissions criteria, halls accommodation and open day registrations

General enquiries

Phone the University of Liverpool on their general enquiries contact number 0151 794 2000 for any academic query including their admissions criteria, application deadlines and open days. Here you can also request information about their Guild of Students, referred to as a students union by most other institutions. Moreover if you are uncertain of how much tuition fees you will be charged for a particular course or you are unsure of where a particular lecture theatre is on campus you can dial this helpline for assistance.

Calls are charged at standard rates, thus you can contact the University of Liverpool for free only if you have inclusive minutes on your tariff. International students can phone advisors from abroad by dialling their dedicated contact number +44 151 794 2000, although this will usually carry a significantly higher charge than making a local call.


Phone the University of Liverpool on their accommodation contact number for enquiries about their student halls of residence, which range from their on-campus flats to their vibrant Greenbank community. Here you can ask about the price of each halls and when the relevant application deadlines are for securing a room. Current students may also phone this helpline to find affiliated landlords for private housing and to enquire about postgraduate living options.

University of Liverpool – UK contact number

Helpline Phone number
General enquiries 0151 794 2000
Open days 0151 794 5832
Accommodation 0151 795 0319
Guild of Students 0151 794 6868
Tuition fees 0151 794 6777