University of Oxford: 01865 270 000

Phone the University of Oxford by calling their UK contact number 01865 270 000 or dial their international helpline +44 1865 270 000 if you are making the call from outside the country.

These helplines are suitable for all general enquiries about the educational institution including applications, accommodation and tuition fees.

General Enquiries

Phone the University of Oxford by calling their general enquiries contact number 01865 270 000 for all queries such as application deadlines, tuition fee changes and to apply for a place at their on-site accommodation. When applying for an undergraduate degree you should confirm which examinations you need to take before you become eligible, such as the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT). Existing students can call this helpline to request academic support, for example you can contact your academic tutor by calling this helpline to report an absence.

Calls to Oxford University are charged at the same rate as phoning any other 01 or 02 telephone number, which means you can contact them for free if you have inclusive minutes on your tariff. Alternatively if you are calling from outside the United Kingdom you will have to dial their international helpline +44 1865 270 000 which carries a significantly higher charge unless you have a roaming calls package.


Contact the University of Oxford on their emergency phone number 01865 289 999 to report a medical incident or a break-in at your halls of residence. Moreover you should call this helpline to report a fire in any university building once you have notified the emergency services.

University of Oxford – UK contact numbers

Helpline Phone number
General enquiries 01865 270 000
Emergencies 01865 289 999
Student counselling 01865 270 300