In-Compass Course

In-Compass Course is an online course for international students coming to the United States to attend a university, college or high school. Participants will learn about U.S culture, U.S. Academic norms and how to navigate a different culture. The course is administered on an interactive smartphone app and online so that way participants can engage on the go.

Each module includes a ‘response’ through which students reflect upon and articulate their own interpretation of the content. Student responses are visible to other students in the course, and students are expected to browse and comment upon the responses of their peers.

The course has 6 different sections:

  • Section 1: Welcome to U.S. Culture: Exploring regional differences, privilege and class, race, sexual orientation, religion, and gender rights.
  • Section 2: Everyday Interactions: Exploring time, body language, personal space, cultural dimensions, etc.
  • Section 3: U.S. Academic Culture: Exploring academic integrity, participation, writing, relationships with your professors, etc.
  • Section 4: Understanding the Language: Exploring discourse, communication among power and ways to practice.
  • Section 5: Time Management in a Second Language: Writing and reading strategies, time management, etc.
  • Section 6: Tips for Success and Belonging: Building relationships, thriving in classes, coaching, social media, etc.only76_button
    This course is filled with resources and tools to help a young adult in their transition to living in the U.S.

Accessing the course

  1. Purchase In-Compass Course through the online ordering system.
  2. You will receive an automated email confirming your purchase.
  3. View the web version or download the Unleesh app through the App Store or Google Play.
  4. Create an Unleesh account using the same email address that you used to purchase In-Compass Course.
  5. Within 24 hours of purchasing In-Compass Course, you will receive an invitation email to get started. Once you’ve received this, log in to the Unleesh app. The In-Compass Course will appear as a path in the path store.