E&L Insurance: 03300 243 254

Call E&L Insurance on their customer services contact number 03300 243 254 for all UK based enquiries, or dial the international dialling code +44 03300 243 254 if you would like to contact a representative from overseas.

However, it should be noted that whether you call E&L Insurance on their UK or +44 number, you can posit the same enquiries about their student insurance policies, to request a quote on the cost of contents cover or to discuss the potential amount of your voluntary excess.

Student Insurance Services – 03300 243 254

The E&L student insurance policy is notable due to the fact that it offers protection for books and personal belongings, as well as the gadgets required for your studies. In such case, an E&L Insurance policy protects possessions from fire, theft, vandalism and water damage, regardless of whether the policy-holder lives in a flat, house-share or halls. You can therefore call E&L Insurance on their student insurance helpline number 03300 243 254 if you require an over-the-phone quote on the cost of protecting your belongings. It should be noted therefore, that whether you’re a fresher, postgraduate or mature student, you’ll can use this number for information on both the cost of a monthly premium, to ask what is included with your policy, or to discuss the amount you can pay upfront in the form of a voluntary excess. You may also have queries about the added costs of mobile phone an laptop protection, and whether this is included in a standard insurance package. Alternatively, new policy-holders may wish to query whether they are entitled to any discounts when paying their annual insurance costs in full rather than by paying monthly direct debits.

Calls to E&L Insurance are charged at a standard geographic rate meaning that you will be able to contact a broker at no greater cost of any other local UK call, and can do so for free if your tariff is bundled with inclusive minutes. However, international callers will have to use the overseas dialling code for the UK +44 03300 243 254, which is charged at a significantly higher rate than a local phone call.

Claims – 03300 243 438

Alternatively, you can contact E&L Insurance on their claims number 03300 243 438 to report the theft, loss or accidental damage to your belongings. Specifically, a broker can detail the claims process, the cost of replacing your belongings, and how this will subsequently affect your premium. In addition, if you would like to cancel your policy altogether, or make changes if you are moving home, then you can do so both in a phone call or when writing to E&L at the UK postal address written below:

Entertainment & Leisure Insurance Services (Jersey) Ltd.
PO Box 100,
Great Ouseburn,
YO26 9SS
United Kingdom.

E&L Insurance – UK Contact Numbers

Insurance Helpline Contact Number
Quotes 03300 242 639
Existing Customers 03300 243 360
Claims 03300 243 438