Servicing Those in Need in Asia

By Anna Poulton

My name is Anna Poulton, and I have been born into the most blessed life someone could have been given. Not to say all has gone well, but I have been born into a financially stable home, I have been born healthy, I have been born in a safe place in many ways; the list goes on. Therefore, I have found it to be my duty to help those that have not been born with a life like mine. I did not ask for my life just as much as others did not ask for theirs. Suitably, I am taking a year off between high school and college (where I will be attending University of Colorado-Boulder), and am planning to see as much of the world and help as many people as I can. Even though my family has a stable income, I will be supporting myself through these aspirations. I am working 17 hours a week with a full schedule of AP and honors classes, and applying for as many scholarships as I can find to fund a service trip to Southeast Asia. I will be spending three months in China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand helping not only the people but doing conservation work. The trip is $13,500, so any money, even if it is $5, is well appreciated. If donations are not anonymous, I will take 10% of whatever is graciously given to buy something (in the price range) of the donator’s choice. Thank you for any contribution!

10% of money donated will be towards a small object of your choice that will be shipped to you.