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Compass Exchange is a crowdfunding platform created to support young adults who are seeking international experiences where they can improve their cultural competence and grow their leadership skills.

We hope Compass Exchange will break down the financial barriers and allow young adults to spread their wings in foreign lands.

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Servicing Those in Need in Asia

By Anna Poulton

My name is Anna Poulton, and I have been born into the most blessed life someone could have been given. Not to say all has gone well, but I have been born into a financially stable home, I have been born healthy, I have been born in a safe place in many ways; the list goes on. Therefore, I have found it to be my duty to help those that have not been born with a life like mine …

Summer Internship in Dublin, Ireland

By Joseph Bauer

Hi, I’m Joseph Bauer. I am a sophomore at Boston College majoring in Finance and Marketing. I have been accepted to Boston College’s Dublin Internship program for the summer of 2016, but I need to raise the funds for the program cost and living expenses …

St. John’s student seeking funding and support for 2016 summer study abroad in Paris

By Judith Fortunova Russell

The Paris 2016 summer study-abroad program is a perfect opportunity to get just a taste of the French culture. The beautiful city has some of the most distinctive – and most studied – social mores in the world. From les bises (the kisses you give someone upon meeting up), to café etiquette, the City of Light offers a social and cultural background unlike any other …

Study Abroad in Kenya

By Andrea Lowe

Hi! I’m raising money to study abroad in Nairobi, Kenya this spring. This is something I’m passionate about; I’m a student at Ohio State University, studying international development with a minor in Swahili …

Universidad de la Habana en Cuba 2016

By Darian Shively

People who really want to make a difference in the world usually do it, in one way or another. I’ve noticed something about people who make a difference in the world: they hold the unshakable conviction that individuals are extremely important, that every life matters …

The Digitizing Africa Project

By Freddy Coleman

Researching the industry growth and defense methods of cyber security in Western and Eastern Africa, and drawing a comparison between Western and Eastern Africa, and the United States. This project’s case study will be focused on the countries of Ghana, Kenya, and the United States of America …

Research on Mikania michrantha

By Akriti Khadka

As there are many research held on the the negative side of Mikania and comparitively less number of research on the positive side of Mikania, I have decided to add a number of research on the positive side …

Higher Education in Barcelona

By Taylor Billing

I was accepted to IBEI, an inter-university institute in Barcelona whose goal is to provide postgraduate education in politics and international relations. As a student, I will be earning my master’s degree while living in the beautiful city of Barcelona …