Empowering Global Changemakers Through Mentoring

The Foundation for Global Scholars (FGS) supports globally focused college students and alumni who want to a make a positive impact on the world. Resources we provide to (mostly) 20-30 year old global changemakers include scholarships for study abroad programs, mentors, and connections. Since 2006, FGS has provided over $1.5 million in scholarships and helped over 1500 students from over 300 colleges studying in every major region of the world.

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Global Changemaker Legacy Award Winners

Change advances knowledge, grows economies, provides opportunity, and fulfills dreams. Our world evolves with the spirit of entrepreneurial acts, through commerce, service, community building, and individual interactions. Creating meaningful change takes vision, foresight, initiative, energy, and capacity. In addition, the world becomes more connected every day. Our global community strengthens as our access to one another is increasingly at our fingertips through technology, social media, and international experiences.

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2nd Annual Global Changemaker Legacy Award – Applications Opening Soon!

The Foundation for Global Scholars (FGS) is pleased to announce that applications for the second annual Global Changemaker Legacy Award will soon be open. This award program is designed to recognize FGS scholars in the world who have widened their viewpoint through international experiences and are actively creating positive change.

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Global Changemaker Series: Van Milton

I went to school for automotive design but ended up changing majors to botany because science seemed more interesting. I decided to keep the fine arts minor, though, and continue to be intrigued by the intersection of science and art. In college the language requirement and a long interest in Japan led me to take a couple of semesters of Japanese. After graduating, I kept in touch with my Japanese professor, who encouraged me to apply to the JET Program – an English teaching program run by the Japanese government. I was accepted and spent five years teaching in a small city called Okayama in Western Japan and exploring and learning about the culture in my free time. Since returning I’ve worked at the Denver Botanic Gardens and am now invovled in many local Japanese language and meetup groups. I enjoy outdoor sports, especially hiking and mountain biking. I’ve been a bicycle commuter for 17 years, and environmental issues are extremely important to me.

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Q & A with FGS Scholar Samra Cordic

Samra Cordic is a senior at Webster University in Saint Louis, Missouri, earning a legal studies degree.  She is an FGS scholar, receiving a scholarship for her current semester of study in Leiden, The Netherlands.  Inspired by her personal experiences, Samra intends to pursue a career in international law.  FGS asked her to reflect on her study abroad experience and how it is shaping her and her aspirations.  She shared the following with us:

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Global Changemaker Series: Catherine Callaway’s Integrating Heart-felt Compassion with Hard Science

Catherine Callaway is a disciplined student with a clear direction. This clarity of direction came to her six years ago under the saddest of the circumstances, the loss of her grandfather. Since then, Catherine has dedicated herself to becoming a neurosurgeon. This dedication has come in the form of academic studies in cognitive science and undertaking research both at home and abroad, specifically research on a robotic neurorehabilitation device produced by Swiss company Hocoma. But Catherine is very clear that the science won’t cloud her compassion; she will not lose her sense of humanity.

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Recognizing the Fall 2015 Start the Adventure Scholarship Winner Kathryn Lyle

By: Tiffany Harrison, STA Travel Communications Manager

At STA Travel, we believe in making international travel more accessible to student and youth travelers. It’s a core value of our business, which is why we were thrilled to once again team up with the Foundation for Global Scholars (FGS) to help make students’ travel dreams a reality. It is with this in mind that we are beyond pleased to congratulate Kathryn Lyle, a student at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, on being the August 2015 recipient of the STA Travel Start the Adventure Scholarship.

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Open Focus

In my previous blog, I talked about waking up and questioning assumptions, in particular those about running an organization. This blog is about goals and what they look like played out under the framework of an organization aspiring to be a conscious one. My own goals have more or less been the same my whole life: connection, innovation, impact, fulfillment and inclusiveness. What’s changed / is changing is my awareness of my state of mind as I engage with these goals.

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Integrating Conscious Leadership into a Large Organization

It’s one thing to talk about creating a culture of conscious leadership into an organization. It is quite another to actually do it. In our ongoing exploration of conscious leadership, we spoke with Tod Tappert about the process that Greenville Health System in South Carolina is implementing to integrate conscious leadership into this 15,000 employee organization. Tappert is GHS’ Vice President, Chief of Staff and System Chief Learning Officer. As CLO, he heads the GHS Academy of Leadership and Professional Development.

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Endless Possibilities for FGS ‘Fiji Changemaker Scholarship’ Recipient

If there is a single word that sums up the Foundation for Global Scholars, it is ‘evolution.’ In 2015, FGS evolved its mission and vision, introducing the GRIT Program and changing from a scholarship-only program for college students to a leadership and scholarship organization for 18-30 year olds. But even before this year, FGS has been an organization in transition, constantly evolving to meet the needs of those we serve.

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Nonprofits And The Drama Triangle

At Foundation for Global Scholars, our commitment to being a conscious organization means noticing where we are operating unconsciously or at a low level of consciousness. Here’s an example. I first heard the term “donor fatigue” in 2015, and it resonated with me. Although I’m in the business of fundraising, and I love to support people and causes, even I am weary of donation appeals. I started wondering about this. The reason I feel fatigued is not about the frequency of requests but rather about the approach. It has to do with the drama triangle.

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