Barclays Student Insurance: 0800 015 02461

You should use the freephone Barclays student insurance number 0800 015 02461 if you are calling from the UK but are advised to instead dial the international dialling code +44 800 015 02461 if you would like to contact a policy advisor from overseas.

Notably, whether you call Barclays on their domestic or international number, you will be able to receive an over-the-phone quote on the cost of possessions, gadget and contents insurance as a student of a UK university.

Student Insurance Quotes – 0800 015 02461

You can contact Barclays on their freephone student insurance number 0800 015 02461 for an over-the-phone quote on cost of protecting your contents and gadgets. Specifically, Barclays provides protection for students living in halls of accommodation and those living in rented households. Policyholders can receive both bicycle and sports equipment cover on top of contents insurance up to the value of £15000. However, before receiving a telephone quote, callers must provide details about the type of property they’re living in and their claims history on home insurance for the last 5 years. Alternatively, you may wish to contact the Barclays student insurance team to make change to an existing policy, whether you would like to add laptop cover to your agreement or register a change of address. However, it should be noted that a Barclays student policy does not provide car and motor insurance, or protection against accidental damage.

As the Barclays student insurance department uses a 0800 contact number, they will be entirely free to call from UK landlines or mobile phones. However, international callers will have to use the overseas dialling code for the UK +44 (substituting for the initial zero), meaning that they will be charged a significantly higher rate than a local phone call. The Barclays student insurance helpline is available during the opening hours 8am-10pm Monday to Friday,8am-6pm on Saturdays, and from 10am to 4pm on Sundays.

Emergency Claims – 0800 027 9844

You can also contact Barclays insurance on the freephone emergency claims number 0800 027 9844 if you would like to report damage to or the theft of your possessions. For instance, you will be able to make an emergency claims if your home has been left unsecure due to damaged locks or doors. Alternatively, you can report that there is standing water in your home as a result of flooding or that your home is any way inhibitable. Alternatively, you will have to make an online claim, detailing your policy number and the type of damage that has been accrued.

Barclays Student Insurance – UK Contact Numbers

Student Insurance Helpline Contact Number
Quotes 0800 015 02461
Claims 0800 027 9844